SPIKE ferrofluid display (Black ferrofluid)

SPIKE ferrofluid display (Black ferrofluid)

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The SPIKE Ferrofluid Display is a mesmerizing interactive kinetic sculpture containing a paramagnetic liquid called ferrofluid. It was originally created by NASA as a prototype rocket fuel, unique in that it could be fed into the rocket engines using magnets in zero gravity. It becomes highly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field and forms large spikes and other organic shapes.

We created the SPIKE to showcase this amazing liquid in a mesmerizing blend of art and science. It contains 7ml of high quality ferrofluid (synthesized by Ferrotec)  enclosed in a beautiful aerospace grade anodized aluminum and lab quality glass enclosure. It includes a very powerful handheld magnet that you use to interact with it.

  • Recommended for ages 16+ due to glass construction and strong magnets.
  • Chemicals are non-toxic
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum, glass, stainless steel, nickel and brushed aluminum
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 4.5"
  • Contains 7ml of high quality ferrofluid manufactured by Ferrotec
  • Includes handheld magnetic wand for interaction

Add on an LED light and extra handheld magnet for more interaction (highly recommended for colored ferrofluids): LED Light and Magnet combo

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Good quality

Very cool, i really liked it.

So cool!

I bought this for my husband for his office. He loves it!

As advertised and fun

Unique gift. Lots of fun.


These are really cool. I placed one in my reception area and it has been a huge hit. Everyone is amazed by it.

Black Spike ferrofluid

I remember seeing ferrofluid a few years back and thinking it was so cool. I love the science behind magnetic fields and I thought ferrofluid really shows off some of the cool patterns within them. This company makes a good product that lets me have all the joy of playing with ferrofluid and viewing it, without all the oily mess and hassle of containing it myself. I love that they cushioned the magnet on one side to keep it from harming the glass and that the ferrofluid stays a spiked ball at rest. Really neat product. (Packaged well, yadda yadda, this company does all the good stuff a company should.)