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Ferrofluid Desk Clock

Ferrofluid Desk Clock

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An amazing new desk clock is here. It features hour and minute hands made from a black magnetic liquid that are held in place by hidden magnets behind the beautiful brushed aluminum face.

The flat panel ferrofluid display on the front is also detachable, and held in place by small magnets. This allows you to easily change the clock faces.

The magnetic liquid is called ferrofluid, and was originally created by NASA in the 60's as a prototype rocket fuel. It was unique in that it could be pulled into the rocket engines using magnets in zero gravity.

  • Includes 5 different clock faces
  • Includes handheld magnet for interaction
  • Hand crafted solid oak clock body
  • Hand brushed aluminum clock face
  • Aluminum and glass flat panel ferrofluid display
  • Runs for 1 year on a single AA battery (included)
  • 100 day warranty

A mesmerizing blend of art and science that will surely be the center of attention wherever it is placed.


featured in:

 "If Venom was a clock what would he look like?"

"This has the potential to be your new favorite distraction"

 "It's an elegant and unique timepiece that's bound to become the centerpiece in your home or office" 

"This ferrofluid clock has a mesmeric, magnetic, magical appeal"


Hand Crafted

We hand craft each clock out of beautiful solid oak and aluminum 100% here in the US, and you can choose from either a light or dark wood finish. Each clock takes around 20 days to make from start to finish.


Quartz Movement

A custom high torque quartz clock movement is used to move the magnetic arms, which in turn pull the ferrofluid around the face. It features a silent continuous sweep movement (no ticking sounds) and is very powerful and yet efficient, running on a single AA battery for one year (estimated life span) while keeping highly accurate time. The movement and battery are covered with a magnetically attached wood panel for easy access.


How do you tell the time?

The long arm is for hours and dot is for minutes, here is a time lapse of the movements:



The Ultimate Executive Desk Clock

The clock itself is covered with a brushed aluminum front panel which makes for an extremely elegant and beautiful abstract look, a unique addition to any office.

The World's First Flat Panel Ferrofluid Display

This detachable flat panel ferrofluid display is the result of 4 years of research and development, hundreds of prototypes, and lots of organic chemistry. 


Each clock is handmade from raw materials , please allow up to 7 days for your order to be prepared and shipped. Supplies are limited. 

Customer Reviews

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Dave B

I've been enjoying mine for several years and it runs flawlessly. It's sculptural time at its best. As a designer of unique clocks I have a high standard that a clock must meet before I add it to my collection. Excited to see what Matt comes up with next.

Love mine so much I want another one.

I design clocks for my own pleasure and once in awhile I find a clock so unique that I will buy one from someone else. I love Matt's FerroFluid clock and was disappointed to learn they are out of stock. I want to give my daughter one for her engagement and don't want to part with mine, although I will if it comes down to that. Matt, do you plan to build more in the near future?