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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ferrofluid exactly?
  • Ferrofluid was originally invented by NASA in the 1960's as a prototype rocket fuel, useful because it could be pulled into the engines using magnets in a zero gravity environment. In fact, its original formula was 85% RP1 rocket fuel (a highly refined kerosene), 10% nano sized magnetite particles (so you could move the fuel using magnets), and 5% Oleic Acid(to keep the magnetite from clumping). It didn't take off as a rocket fuel (partially because RP1 is notoriously hard to ignite) but has found many industrial uses over the years, from magnetic adjustable shocks in luxury cars, to voice coils in loudspeakers, and even magnetic bearings in hard drives. We find it much more exciting to use as an artistic medium.
  • Will the ferrofluid break down?

    One of the main problems when working with ferrofluid is that it quickly breaks down in the presence of most other liquids and stains anything it comes in contact with (including glass). To solve this problem we have conducted extensive R&D and have developed a proprietary suspension liquid that keeps the ferrofluid from breaking down or staining the glass. If kept near room temperature you should expect years of spiky goodness from your displays.

  • Can you ship international?

    Yes, we can currently ship using international priority 6-10 day and are getting distributors ready for lower shipping prices in the EU and UK.

  • Will it wipe my hard drive?

    Nope. If your hard drive was made after the year 1999 then you are completely safe. The data density for new drives is so dense that even a very strong generalized magnetic field will not cause any damage to the drive. You should keep all metal objects at least an inch or two away though just for good measure.

  • Is there a quality guarantee?

    Yes, all displays include a full 60 day warranty. If you have any issues at all with any of your displays just contact us and we'll either repair or replace.

  • What size is it?

    The Ferroflow is 2.5" wide by 6" tall, and the RIZE is 2.5" wide by 4.5" tall. The SPIKE is 2.5" wide by 4" tall. Perfect for desktop centerpieces.

  • Does the RIZE spin forever?

    The spinning time varies, but after it's placed on the magnetic base it usually spins for a couple of minutes before slowing down and stopping. You can also restart the spinning motion using the handheld magnet.

  • Are the chemicals dangerous?

    The chemicals inside are non toxic. We use the highest quality ferrofluid manufactured by Ferrotec. The bottle should never be opened, and if it is broken (which is unlikely because it's very strong) immediately clean up the spill using dish soap and water. Ferrofluid will stain anything it touches very badly.

  • Does it use batteries or plug into the wall?

    Nope, the RIZE contains no moving parts. Only pure physics is used to create the amazing spinning, anti-gravity rising motion. The Ferroflow plugs into a standard US wall outlet, or any usb 5v power source.

  • How much Ferrofluid is inside?

    Each display volume is 120ml and each one contains a massive 7ml of ferrofluid!