SPIKE ferrofluid display (Black ferrofluid)

SPIKE ferrofluid display (Black ferrofluid)

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The SPIKE Ferrofluid Display is a mesmerizing interactive kinetic sculpture containing 7ml of ferrofluid. It was designed to showcase ferrofluid's coolest feature, spikes! We designed the SPIKE to generate the largest possible spikes by utilizing 3 neodymium rare earth magnets in combination.

There are 2 positioned in the base, and when you place the handheld magnet on top of the display it combines to create a large magnetic field (which the ferrofluid follows) to create beautiful giant spikes and organic shapes.

  • Contains the highest quality ferrofluid synthesized by Ferrotec (won't break down in a few weeks like cheaper competitors)
  • Create amazing shapes and giant spikes using the included magnet
  • Beautifully constructed and addictive desk toy, you won't be able to put it down!
  • The ULTIMATE gift for the inquisitive mind

Add an LED light and extra magnet for more interaction (highly recommended for colored ferrofluids): LED Light and Magnet combo


  • Chemicals are non-toxic
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum, glass, stainless steel, nickel and brushed aluminum
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 4.5"
  • Includes 60 day warranty and FREE shipping
  • Is it safe for kids? Adult supervision is recommended due to glass construction and strong magnets, but kids absolutely LOVE it!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Amazing !

    I have this in my office, and it immediately catches the eyes of my customers and they spend a good time playing around with it and enjoying the view of the ferrorfluid. It's a great conversation starter and they always ask where I got it, recommend them straight to this website. Awesome product !

    Very cool

    This was a Christmas gift for my father in law. Everyone ended up loving it saying it looked like the movie “Venom”. Perfect desktop gift! I plan to buy more

    Sherri Anthony
    Very unique Christmas gift!

    This is a fascinating, fun little gift! I got the first one and went to order it in more colors. I haven't gifted them yet (not Christmas yet), but I'm excited to! I like giving unique gifts and this is one I think they'll really like.

    Pei-Ying Wu
    Good service

    I bougt one spike black ferrofluid and found there is a small problem for the product. I emailed MTR and they sent me the good and new one immediately. Very responsible

    Jason Mazzella
    Very cool! Colors / photos maybe brighter than you can expect in real life

    This is awesome and generally very much what was promised! One note that I would have liked to know when shopping - the pictures online seem to show the product with super bright lighting, when in most situations in person the fluid is reflecting back whatever is behind it and makes it seem a little darker / yellower. I had originally steered clear of the colored fluids because I saw reviews about staining, but the black can be a little tougher to appreciate all the cool shapes going on because it doesn't reflect as much light. Would probably recommend trying a color!