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LED light and extra magnet for SPIKE ferrofluid display

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Add on an ultra bright LED and extra handheld magnet to the SPIKE for even more fun.

These magnets are super strong N52 rare earth magnets, capable of lifting over 50 pounds each!


  • Includes 1 LED module, battery and 1 extra handheld magnet for SPIKE display
  • Ultra bright LED module was designed and hand made here in our studio
  • Runs for up to 80 hours on one CR2032 battery (included)
  • Really brings out the colored metallic ferrofluids and makes them pop (try in a dark room for dramatic effect)
  • Handheld magnet is made from N52 neodymium rare earth magnets (strongest type available) and each one has over 50 pounds of lifting force
  • Adult supervision recommended for the magnets because they are extremely powerful

Customer Reviews

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Super strong and nice effect!

The magnets are incredibly strong! The light adds a nice effect. My 8 year old carries his ferrofluid jar all over the house, playing with it all day.