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Ferroflow Automatic Ferrofluid Display (Gold)

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This Ferroflow contains a Gold metallic ferrofluid

Ferroflow is an art display that creates amazing visual experiences using ferrofluid and varying magnetic fields. 

By utilizing patent pending technology Ferroflow is able to manipulate the ferrofluid into amazing organic shapes and fluid movements.

The movements created by Ferroflow are mesmerizing, and it will be the center of attention wherever it's displayed.

  • Recommended for ages 16+ due to glass construction and strong magnets.
  • Chemicals are non-toxic
  • Powered using standard wall outlet
  • Materials: Anodized aluminum, glass, stainless steel, nickel and brushed aluminum
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 6"
  • Contains 7ml of high quality ferrofluid manufactured by Ferrotec
  • Includes dual polarity handheld magnetic wand for interaction
  • Fully automatic movements
  • Learn more about the Ferroflow Here: