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SPIKE Instructions


  • The handheld magnets are very powerful use extreme caution near any other magnets or metal objects
  • Do not leave any magnets stuck to the glass or this could cause permanent staining.

The SPIKE will be very shaken up from the shipping process but the particles will settle after a few hours and it will clear up (especially the colored versions).

If you purchased the extra LED light it runs on one CR2032 battery and is replaceable by unscrewing the top. Average battery life is around 80 hours.

Both the gold and red colors will take longer for the pigment to completely stick to the ferrofluid. When the display is brand new the particles may get stirred up when you interact with it, but they will slowly stick to the ferrofluid more over time and after a week or so won't stir up much and remain on the fluid and be bright and vibrant.

For longest ferrofluid life try to keep around room temperature. If it freezes or gets very hot (sometimes sitting in a window sill in direct sunlight) this can cause the ferrofluid to break down prematurely. If kept in good conditions it should last for many years.

Click here to learn more about ferrofluid.

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