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Ferrofluid Clock Instructions

Congratulations on the purchase of your new ferrofluid clock. With a few simple steps you should enjoy years of enjoyment from it with no issues.

Step 1:

Insert AA battery positive end first (with the small bump) and push in the other side.

Step 2:

Attach the ferrofluid flat panel display to the clock. The back of the display has very small magnets in all 4 corners that hold it in place. Also, the bottom of the display has a small blue arrow in the middle.

Step 3:

Use the handheld magnet to pull some of the ferrofluid up until it sticks on the clock hands (smaller dot is minutes and longer hand is hours).

Step 4:

Set the time by turning the dial on the back of the clock (above battery compartment) until the correct time is reached.


  • Do not stick the handheld magnet to the clock while the front display is removed or it can damage the magnet clock arms.
  • Don't leave the handheld magnet stuck to the display for long periods of time, or it can cause the glass to stain.
  • The glass display is delicate so be very careful when picking up or moving the clock not to drop the display.



The glass can be cleaned using windex, and the wood can be wiped off using a slightly damp cloth. The aluminum can be cleaned using a damp cloth as well.


Battery Replacement:

To remove the battery for replacement, it is easiest to use a small pointed object such as a screwdriver (flathead is easiest). Place the end of the screwdriver on the POSITIVE end of the battery and use as a lever to pop it out. See the following video example.

vid of battery removal


Any questions or problems? Contact us HERE we'll get right back to you.